How to install the blockchain

0 - Download latest Verge-Blockchain
1 - Start verge-qt first time: directory VERGE with files and directory database will be created.
2 - MAKE A BACKUP of your wallet.dat now !!  Menu: File -> Backup Wallet..
3 - Stop verge-qt
4 - Unzip everything into new created directory VERGE (replace/overwrite existing files) in this path:

Windows : C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\VERGE\    (type in start: %appdata% to open Roaming\VERGE)
Windows :

Linux       : ~/.VERGE/

Mac: open a command shell, navigate to the new folder VERGE and copy the content of the zip.
* navigate to folder VERGE     : cd /Users/<USER>/Library/Application\ Support/VERGE/
* copy content of the zip           : cp -R ~/Downloads/Verge-Blockchain_<DATE>/* .
Maybe you have to allow access hidden user library file:

5- Start the verge-qt again, be patient approx 10-30 minutes until "Loading block index" disappear.
    You will see this delay on every start of the verge-qt with this blockchain size and this wallet version.
    Now after you wallet started finally, you have to be patient again, the wallet have to find a valid IP address which is responding.
    This can take a few minutes, when connected the wallet will start syncing to catch up the last blocks.

6 - If you need further support take a look at the logfile debug.log and join Telegram, IRC, Slack, BitCoinTalk etc.